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Click here to Join Traders With Edge Funding Model: $5k Turtle Challenge Initial thoughts: Traders with edge is a new prop firm which as far as I can tell started in 2022. I was a little hesitant to try this firm considering there’s no proven track record and no Trustpilot reviews. However, I reached out to live chat who seemed friendly and quick to respond, their website looks well presented and the content seems consistent with the prop firms we see today.  So with that in mind, I opted to try their cheapest challenge which worked out at just $44 (after the discount code given for completing the survey pop-up)  Rules: The rules for my particular challenge are: (bear in mind these are based on the “turtle” challange, the “hare” challenge offers slightly more relaxed rules at the expense of a lower time limit) Single Phase – with this model only one…

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Funding model: $2k Accelerated  Initial thoughts: My Forex funds in a well established firm which has a active discord community and a good selection of plans. I was looking to open an account with direct to live funding and MyForexFunds offers this in its “Accelerated” funding model. Their scaling model increases your account every 10% profit you make (At least 5 days between as well) so I opted for the cheapest option, being the $99 $2000 conventional account.  Sign-up process: Since I chose the accelerated model it meant I had to complete my KYC verification before beginning trading. I paid for the plan Sunday night and my account was ready for Tuesday morning. This is within the 48 hours they advised, so no complaints here.  Rules: The trading rules are relativity simple and easy to understand. The drawdown rule is based on the initial balance and does not trail and there’s…

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