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Leverage at FTMO What is the maximum leverage provided by FTMO, and how does it compare to other trading platforms? FTMO provides a maximum leverage of 1:100 for its traders, which is competitive compared to other trading platforms in the market. Are there different leverage levels for different asset classes on the FTMO platform? Yes, the leverage may vary depending on the asset being traded. For instance, Forex currency pairs have a maximum leverage of 1:100, while commodities and indices have a maximum leverage of 1:50. Does FTMO allow traders to adjust the leverage on their trading accounts, and if not, why? No, traders cannot adjust the leverage on their trading accounts. FTMO’s risk management team determines the appropriate leverage for each trader based on various factors such as their experience, trading style, and risk tolerance. What risk management measures does FTMO have in place to ensure responsible use of…

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