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Welcome to Prop Trading Online, a collection of links, reviews, success stories, analysis and general information regarding the proprietary trading industry. This blog will strive to help you make the right choices when choosing a prop firm to invest your money in by giving first hand experience and experiences of other experienced and reputable traders. We will also include user reviews to give you a full picture of each firm. The choice of prop firms are increasing at a rapid rate, with this there are many great and many not so great companies coming to light. Its important to make an informed choice before learning a difficult lesson!

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Prop Firm of the Month (August 2022): BluFX

BluFX is a UK based subscription type prop firm. They offer instant funding without the need for demo accounts/ challenges.

They currently have 2 main models available, their standard account and their anniversary account. The anniversary account is a one off payment in return for $20,000 of instant funds. Be sure to check them out!

Prop Firm of the Month (July 2022): Traders with Edge

The team at traders with edge have been rapidly improving their infrastructure, including dashboard and website. This is a great step to strengthen the trustworthiness of this firm and traders should feel confidant with choosing this prop firm. 

Among the most exciting of the changes the developers have made is adding a in-built social platform (accessible from the community tab). This is something new to the industry, many of whom simply opt for a discord channel. If they can get a large enough number of traders involved with this it could really set this firm apart from the others.

Prop Firm of the Month (June 2022):
The Funded Trader

This rapidly expanding prop firm is our choice for the Prop Firm of the month due to its transparency, strong leadership and outstanding communication with its traders.

They have an extremely active discord community, have numerous competitions and events and are generally a fun and exciting prop firm to partner with!

The Funded Trader Payout Proof

The FUnded trader payout proof

There are now multiple people within this prop firm getting 6-figure payouts, the highest so far was an incredible $171,000!

Check out our full review or go directed to The Funded Trader’s website below:

Top Prop Firms

5%ers Logo
The 5%ers 

Exciting, established prop firm offering a variety of funding models to suit every trader.

My Forex Funds Prop firm
My Forex Funds

This prop firm has a great reputation, active community and fair and varied funding models.

FTMO prop firm

Prop firm heavyweight. One of the largest and longest prop firms. Standard 2 stage challenge model with fair rules and 80/20 payout split. 

Prop Firm of the Month (May 2022): My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds is a big player in the prop firm industry. They have three great funding models including a standard evaluation model with great rules, a training program with bonus payments as well as an instant funding option. 

My Forex Funds are also extremally well prices, with plans starting at just $49 for a $5k account. 

MyForexFunds – Pros

  • Choice of funding models: My forex funds has a great choice of funding models ensuring there’s something suitable for every skill level of trader.
  • Reputation: This prop firm has a great reputation in the industry, make sure to check out the CEO interview on YouTube.
  • Trading Rules – My Forex Funds stands out with the rules, they truly allow the trader to make their own choices without placing limitations on them. 
  • Community – An active discord server with helpful traders supporting each others journey.
  • Dashboard – Easy to understand dashboard and overall well designed front end systems.

MyForexFunds – Cons

  • Support – Due to the huge amount of traders on this platform, support can sometimes be a little slow. This isn’t too much of an issue as most problems can be solved by popping into the discord server or checking the FAQ.
  • Expert Advisors – Confusing rules on EA’s. They appear to be allowed in very specific situations or with prior approval. 
My forex funds Payment proof

My Forex Funds - Payment Proof

There is plenty of evidence that My Forex Funds.

From MFF :
In the previous week only:
☑ 916 Traders got paid
☑ 1757 new live accounts created
☑ $2,136,118.671 total payouts!
Thank you for your amazing support. Let’s continue making this year together even more memorable!