The 10 Best Instant Funding Prop Firm Accounts (Included: Promo Codes!)

The 10 Best Instant Funding Prop Firm Accounts (Included: Promo Codes!)

When searching for trading capital from online prop firms, there are typically two methods to choose from. The first and most common is an evaluation type challenge in which you must prove yourself on a demo account before being given real funds. The second is instant funding, in which they provide you with immediate real funding to trade with.

In this article we will look at the top 10 instant funding prop firms and give an insight into how they work and how to choose the best one for you.

How do we rate instant funding accounts

Return Statistics

In this guide, to help us analyse the best choices we have created some custom metrics:

ROI/Initial 10% – How much will you earn after making the inital 10% profit compared to the inital cost

Profit after 6 Months (5%/M) – How much will you be able to withdraw after 6 months of making 5%/Month

Profit after 12 Months (5%/M) – How much will you be able to withdraw after 6 months of making 5%/Month

Rule Fairness

When choosing any prop firm it is important to make sure that; 1. the rules are fair and 2. they align with your trading style/strategy. Some important areas to look at are:

  • Drawdowns – Both daily and overall drawdowns. Static drawdowns are preferred over trailing drawdowns.
  • News Trading – Some prop firms restrict trading during high impact news such as the NFP.
  • Expert Advisors – Some traders like to automate their strategies using EA’s. Some firms allow this, some don’t, and some have certain restrictions.
  • Holding trades overnight/weekend – Some firms require you to close trades before the weekend. Occasionally firms require you to close overnight also. 
  • Profit Split – The standard profit split with instant funding accounts appears to be around 50%. 
  • Stop-Loss – Some firms require a stop loss to be placed on every trade.
  • Risk Management rules – Most firms have some kind of risk management rules which must be followed. 
  • Restricted Strategies – If you plan on using martingale, HFT, tick scalping, hedging or any other unorthodox strategy, its best to ask the firm you plan to trade with first.

Reliability and Reputation

Another important factor when choosing a firm to invest your money with is their reputation. Whilst proprietary trading has been around for decades, the online form is still in its infancy. There are many new firms popping up every month, not all of which are playing fair. 

Some points to think about are:

  • How long have they been open?
  • What are the Trustpilot reviews like?
  • Do they have a discord or other kind of community?
  • Are they open about business details such as location and CEO?
  • Do they have social media accounts?
  • Do you know any other traders with experience with the firm?

On top of this, it’s wise to get feedback from other traders. One particularly useful recourse for this is the Facebook group “Prop Trader Club” which has an active and helpful community of prop firm traders. Click here to visit the group.

Full List of Instant Funding Accounts

Our Top Choice - Funded Trading Plus (Master Program)

funded trading plus

Promo Code (10% off): PTO10
(UPDATE: Code does not work with Master Accounts)

Earning Statistics ($5,000 Account)

Cost: $225

ROI/Initial 10% – $388 (160%)

Profit After 6 months (5%/Month) – $3,126

Profit After 12 months (5%/Month) – $31,786

Scaling Model:  At Funded Trading Plus, your account is doubled (or more) at every 10% profit target. On top of this, after making a total of 20% profit, your share going from 70/30 to 80/20.

Funded Trading Plus Overview

Funded Trading Plus started as a live trading room back in 2013. They built a great reputation both in the UK and worldwide. They have three options for trades:

  • The 2-phase challenge (Advanced trader program),
  • The 1-phase challenge (Experienced trader program)
  • Instant Funding (Master program)

The program we will cover here is the “Master trader” program. Their account sizes range from $5,000 to $100,000 and all include 1:30 leverage. Their broker is Eightcap and they offer a wide range of tradable instruments including Forex, Indices, Commodities and Crypto.

Available Platforms: MT4, MT5, TradingView


  • Great profit split – The profit split for this account is 70/30 initially and grows to 80/20 after just making 20% profit.
  • Can trade on Tradingview – This is one of the few prop firms that offer Tradingview as a platform. 


  • Initial relative drawdown – The drawdown for this account trails up to the point of the initial account balance. This is fair to allow FTP to reduce their risk (and subsequently offer traders a larger share of profits).

Rules and Restrictions

This firm has relatively relaxed rules, with the main one being not to breach max drawdown. The is no daily drawdown. The max drawdown trails, but only to the point of the initial balance, at which point it will become static.

There is no time limit for this account, other than the inactive rule (30 days). All trading styles are welcome.

Final Thoughts

This firm has earned their place on the top of the list due to the high pay-out ratio, fair rules, fair prices and the ability to trade directly from Tradingview. Funded Trading Plus also has two other options available to traders, be sure to check them out also!

Number 2 - The 5%ers (Instant Funding Model)

Earning Statistics ($24,000 account, Low-Risk)

Cost: 235 Euors

ROI/Initial 10% – $643.50 (274%)

Profit After 6 months (5%/Month) – $4,393.50

Profit After 12 months (5%/Month) – $37,993.50

Scaling Model:  The initial profit target to scale up is 6.2% (12% for aggressive). After passing the initial phase the account capital is multiplied by 4. After this the capital is double after every 10% (25% for aggressive) profit.

The 5%ers Overview

The 5%ers are an Israeli based prop firm whose primary funding model is instant funding. They have been around for a long time and are trusted by many prop firm traders. Lets look at some of the main pros and cons of this firm.

Available Platforms: MT5 Only


  • Very Fast Scaling – The 5%ers scaling plan is extremely fast; after hitting the first profit target you will receive 4x the capital to trade. Each subsequent target hit will double the account.
  • No Maximum Capital – All the instant funding accounts can scale to $4 million. But after reaching this stage management will work with you to provide even more capital!
  • Long Standing Prop Firm – In this relatively new industry, the 5%ers have a great track record. They have been around since 2016 and have great reviews. 


  • No Low-Cost Option – The cheapest instant funding account the 5%ers offer is 235 euros which can be a barrier to entry for some people.

Rules and Restrictions

With this firm, you are given a time limit to complete the first profit target. This applied to the first level only. The targets are:

  • Low risk: 6% in 180 days
  • Aggressive: 12% in 60 days

The maximum drawdown in this program is static and is set at 6% for the first 2 levels of the program after which it is decreased to 4%. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re concerned with using a less reputable company, then the 5%ers are the ones to go with. Their track record is outstanding, and they have numerous 7-figure traders under their belt. The low risk option would appear to be the wisest choice for most traders given it allowed you to scale much faster at the expense of a small amount of leverage. 

Number 3 - Traders with Edge (Instant Funding Model)

Promo Code: 10-off

Earning Statistics ($5,000 account)

Cost: $250

ROI/Initial 10% – $250 (100%)

Profit After 6 months (5%/Month) – $3,250

Profit After 12 months (5%/Month) – $31,250

Scaling Model:  Traders with Edge will increase your capital at every 10% profit target hit. The first increase will be 4x the initial balance with each subsequent raise doubling the capital.

Traders with Edge Overview

Traders with Edge opened their doors in early 2022 and have made great strides in the industry. They initially offered challenge accounts but have recently opened their instant funding model to traders. The prices are very fair and after signing for a free account there will be options to obtain discounts up to 20%!

Available Platforms: MT4 or MT5


  • Great Community – Traders with Edge have an in-built forum where traders can exchange ideas and journal their trades. 
  • Great Promotions – You can receive up to 20% programs which are already low-cost. Simply sign up for an account and follow the instructions in the email.
  • Fast Scaling – Upon hitting the initial 10% profit, your funds quadruple! This has great potential to increase your earnings faster. 


  • Extra Risk Management Rules – Risk management is extremely important to this firm, and they have added a couple extra rules to protect their capital that traders need to be aware of. This should also benefit the trader as well, however. 

Rules and Restrictions

As mentioned, this firm put extra importance on risk management (which is sensible!). Therefor they have a couple of extra rules to be aware of:

  • (Visible) Stop-loss required on every trade – This is a soft rule, but if no stop loss is included in the position, it will be automatically closed. 
  • Maximum position risk – The maximum risk for any position cannot exceed 2%. The culumative risk for all positions cannot exceed the maximum drawdown. 

Final Thoughts

If you have struggled with risk management, perhaps give this firm a try. By having rules to follow it may help to stick to a solid risk management plan. Generally, this firm scores well and has earned their spot on this list.

Number 4 - My Forex Funds (Accelerated)

Promo Code: 5QK8Z86V (Only valid for evaluation or rapid accounts)

Earning Statistics ($5,000 account, Concentional)

Cost: $245

ROI/Initial 10% – $250 (100%)

Profit After 6 months (5%/Month) – $1,500

Profit After 12 months (5%/Month) – $9,750

Scaling Model:  My Forex Funds will scale the account at every 10% for conventional accounts or 20% for emphatic accounts. The capital will increase by 2x/1.5x alternatively i.e. (2000 – 4000 – 6000 – 12000).

My Forex Funds Overview

My Forex Funds is a go to prop firm for many traders. They have built a great reputation, ensuring every trader receives the payment they are due. They most popular option is the evaluation mode which boasts a massive 12% drawdown, but the accelerated model is also popular giving traders’ instant access to capital. 

Available Platforms: MT4 or MT5


  • Very Reliable in Terms of Payments – This firm ensures that everyone who is due a payment receives it without fail. There is countless proof of this on their discord server as well as Trustpilot reviews.  
  • Very Active Community – The discord server has many users and is extremely active. This creates a great community feel.
  • Low-Entry cost – The cost for the $2,000 account is just $95 which should allow more traders access to this program.


  • Low Liquidity/ High Spreads – Some traders who use this firm complain of unpredictable spreads or unreasonable fills, especially around news releases. 
  • Closed to Residents of Pakistan – This prop firm has recently blocked new accounts being opened from Pakistan, hopefully this is temporary, however. 

Rules and Restrictions

MyForexFunds rules are generally more relaxed than most firms. However, you must be aware that MyForexFunds has many automatic systems in place to catch traders who break the rules. Some popular reasons people are suspended are:

  • Using trade management services
  • Hitting the 5% max drawdown
  • Copy Trading
  • Using expert advisors, even trade management EAs


My Forex Funds is certainly a big player in the prop trading world. Their evaluation accounts have lots to offer. The instant funding models are also a great choice, mainly due to the reliability of the company. 

Number 5 - FTUK (Instant Funding Model)

Promo Code: proptradingonline

Earning Statistics ($14,000 account, Low-Risk)

Cost: £150 

ROI/Initial 10% – $175 (~105%)

Profit After 6 months (5%/Month) – $2,555

Profit After 12 months (5%/Month) – $29,435

Scaling Model:  The initial capital allocation will increase by a factor of 4 after the first 10% profit (25% for aggressive). After that, each subsequent increase will be double the traders capital, up to $5.6M for the max account.

FTUK Overview

FTUK are a London based prop firm offering traders up to $5.6 million of funding. They offer two funding models – evaluation or instant funding. The rules are basically identical with the only difference being that in the evaluation model, the first phase does not pay the trader. 

Available Platforms: MT4 Only


  • Fast Scaling – The initial balance increases 400% after hitting the first profit target, giving traders the ability to earn more faster.
  • UK Based – This company is registered in the UK which has stricter regulations than most other countries.
  • Suitable for swing traders – This firm offers the ability to hold trades over the weekend, making it suitable for swing traders.
  • Profit share increases – The profit share ratio increases every few levels, up to 80/20.


  • Must reach level 2 to withdraw profits – You are not able to withdraw any profits until reaching the first profit target. 

Rules and Restrictions

FTUK have a few extra rules involving risk management. In the low risk programs a stop loss must be placed on every order, risking a maximum of 1.5%.

Traders must also trade consistently, without drastically changing strategies or lot sizes etc. Some other rules to be aware of are:

  • No martingale trading
  • Trades must be open for at least 30 seconds
  • If the trader has multiple FTUK accounts, they must be traded differantly 

Final Thoughts

FTUK are a great choice for traders looking for instant funding. The rapid scaling combined with increasing profit share means that profitable traders are rewarded well for their skills. With up to $5.6m in funding available, be sure to check these guys out.

Number 6 - Concept Trading (Premier Prop Account)

Earning Statistics ($3,000 Premier Account)

Cost: $300

ROI/Initial 10% – $195 (65%)

Profit After 6 months (5%/Month) – $2,535

Profit After 12 months (5%/Month) – $58,887

Scaling Model:  The trader’s capital will increase 100% at every 7% profit target hit. The profit share also increases from 50/50 up to 90/10 to the trader.

The Concept Trading Overview

The Concept Trading is an Australian based trading educational company who also offers prop firm accounts. Their “Premier” prop account are instant funding and have a 10% drawdown for the first level. 

They offer two types of prop accounts, traditional or premier, each with different targets and funding levels. 

Available Platforms: MT4 Only


  • Huge Max Funding – This firm will allocate you up to $7,500,000 of trading capital for their standard accounts, or up to $10 million for their premier accounts. 
  • Low Profit Targets – You can scale the account at every 5% profit for the standard accounts or 7% for premier.
  • 10% Max Drawdown for level 1 – On the first phase of the challenge traders are given a 10% maximum static drawdown. 
  • High Leverage – This firm offers 1:200 leverage which some traders, particularly scalpers, will benefit from.


  • No Low-Cost Premier Option – The cheapest option for the instant funding model is $300, this may limit some trader’s ability to join this firm.

Rules and Restrictions

This prop firm is relitivley relaxed in terms of rules. They allow traders to use any strategy they seem fit and state that the only rule is not to hit the max drawdown. 

The Concept Trading offers traders the ability to lock in to a certain level, at which point the traders share of the profits will be set at 90%. 

Final Thoughts

The Concept Trading has a lot to offers traders. There is a great deal of educational information on their site, as well as fair and relaxed rules for their accounts. This combined with the huge earning potential makes this a great choice for traders.

Number 7 - Stocknet Institute (Evolution Account)

Earning Statistics ($2,500 evolution account)

Cost: £160

ROI/Initial 10% – $250 (140%)

Profit After 6 months (5%/Month) – $1,750

Profit After 12 months (5%/Month) – $16,550

Scaling Model:  The traders capital will double at every 10% profit target hit. The profit share will also scale from 50% up to 75%.

Stocknet institute Overview

Stocknet institute began as a trading floor in March 2021 in Newcastle, UK. They manage private investment portfolios and expanded into proprietary trading in 2022. They offer two types of accounts, both of which are instant funding – “Evolution” and “quick start”.

The evolution program offers fast scaling and low entry costs. The quick start offers traders access to larger amounts of capital immediately at the cost of a lower initial profit split.

Platforms Available – MT4 or MT5


  • UK Based – This firm is based in the UK with tighter regulations for financial companies.
  • No Daily Drawdown/ 8% Max Drawdown – There is no daily drawdown with this program, and the max total drawdown is a generous 8% (static).
  • High Leverage – The leverage for this program is set at 200:1. Whilst most traders will not use this, it may benefit certain strategies, such as scalpers.
  • Can hold over weekend – This firm allows traders to keep trades open over the weekend, giving more room for swing traders.
  • Weekly Pay-outs – Payments are made every week with no minimum time/profit requirements. 


  • No payments can be made to traders in certain high-risk countries, for the full list see here.b

Rules and Restrictions

The rules with this firm are very relaxed. There are a few points to be aware of though such as:

  • High-Frequency Trading – HFT is allowed, however trades be remain open for at least 5 seconds. 
  • No High-Frequency Hedging – HFT heding strategies are not allowed in this program.

Final Thoughts

This is a great prop firm for anyone who doesn’t like to be restricted by countless rules. They offer a clear a simple program to provide traders with instant capital. Make sure to check out the “Quick-start” options as well as this guide only covered the evolution model.

Number 8 - FundyourFX (Standard Instant Funding)

Earning Statistics ($15,000 account)

Cost: £297 (Refundable)

ROI/Initial 10% – $750 (~200%)

Profit After 6 months (5%/Month) – $3562

Profit After 12 months (5%/Month) – $15,585

Scaling Model:  The account size will increase by 50% after every 10% profit, up to $1,000,000

FundyourFX Overview

This firm operates a little differantly than the others on the list. They require you to apply via a quick phone call, in which they will go over your relevant skills and experience in the trading industry. 

This method allows them to reduce risk and provide better value to the experienced traders with prices starting from just £147 for a $6,000 live account. 

Available Platforms: MT4 Only


  • Charitable Donation – 10% of all profits made will go to charity. This 10% will come out of the firms side, effectively making the profit split 50:40:10 (Trader:Firm:Charity).
  • Refundable Fee – After the 5th scale-up the initial fee will be returned to the trader. 


  • Some Experience Needed – Since potential traders are required to complete an interview, it would seem a certain level of competence is needed. The website does not state what level of experience is required, however.

Rules and Restrictions

This firm has a few risk management rules which must be followed including:

  • Stop-loss – A stop loss must be placed on all trades, within 30 minutes of opening.
  • Maximum Lot Size – There is a maximum lot size of 0.1 lot per $2000 of the account balance with Forex, or 0.01 lot per $2000 with other instruments. 

It is also worth noting, that if you lose the account, you may only reset it again twice before being disallowed from the program. 

Final Thoughts

This firm is fairly priced, has a generous drawdown and a great charitable component. This is certainly a good choice for any trader who can follow their risk management rules. 

Number 9 -City Traders Imporium

Earning Statistics ($20,000 account)

Cost: £1059

ROI/Initial 10% – $1000 (~95%)

Profit After 6 months (5%/Month) – $7,800*

Profit After 12 months (5%/Month) – $91,000*

*Detailed information on scaling and profit split progression not readily available, so these figures are estimates based on similar plans. Will update in due course.

Scaling Model:  The account balance will increase by 100% at every 10% profit. 

City Traders Imperiume Overview

City Traders Imperium was launched in 2018 by two traders: Martin Najat and Daniel Martin. They have a strong educational aspect to their firm and believe in coaching and training traders to become more competent and profitable. 

Available Platforms: MT5


  • Free Fundamental Reports – Along with the free resources available on their website, after purchasing a program you will receive free fundamental reports by CTI.
  • Scaling Profit Share – As you prove yourself as a trader, your share of the profits will increase, all the way to 100%.


  • No Low-Cost Option – The cheapest direct funding option available is over £1000 which is out of reach for many, especially in developing countries. 

Rules and Restrictions

This firm’s rules are not as straight forward as some others, so it is important to familiarise yourself them if choosing this firm.

  • Stop-Loss – Every trade must have a stop loss, any trade that closes without a stop loss will be considered a violation. 
  • Max Risk Per Trade – Every trade can only have a maximum of 1.5% risk, in terms on a stop loss.
  • News Trading – News trading is restricted on high-impact accounts, although the wording on the website is a bit ambiguous, it is worth reading through and contacting support if unsure. 
  • Expert advisors – Again the wording on the website is a little unclear, so if you plan to use an EA it is best to contact support first.

Final Thoughts

This is certainly a high-cost option. The maximum amount of instant funding they provide is $70,000, so if money isn’t much of an issue, this could be a good choice for the successful trader to secure some real capital. For any new traders or those still not consistently profitable, this may not be the best option.

Number 10 - Bouytrade (Standard Edition)

Earning Statistics ($4000, level 2 account)

Cost: $270

ROI/Initial 10% – $200 (74%)

Profit After 6 months (5%/Month) – $1,400

Profit After 12 months (5%/Month) – $12,600 (If choosing the fast-scaling option, only withdrawing at maximum funding, this figure will be $255,800!)

Scaling Model:  Bouytrade offers two methods of scaling. The trader can choose to keep the profits in the account and scale up every 5% or withdraw profits and scale at 10%. Each scale up doubles the trader’s capital up to $1,024,000.

Buoytrade Overview

Buoytrade is a Singapoor based prop firm lauched in 2021. They offer only instant funding accounts and have a low-cost “Foot in the door” option in which they provide traders with an initial $1000 of capital to trade. 

Available Platforms: MT4 Only


  • Low-Cost Entry – Get started with just $68 – the cheapest instant funding account on this list!
  • Fast Scaling Option – You have the option to leave money in the account in order to scale up faster. Scale up at every 5% to grow your account much faster.


  • Low Leverage – This firm offers low leverage compared to others, ranging from 2.5:1 to 10:1. This shouldn’t affect most traders; however, it may limit certain strategies such as scalping.

Rules and Restrictions

Most rules with this firm are reletivley clear. A couple things to note though are:

  • Must have at least 1 active trading day per week – An active day includes opening or closing a trade; taking partial profits also counts. 
  • Copy Trading – This is one of the few accounts that allow all types of copy trading. If this is your thing, check them out!

Final Thoughts

This is a simple no-fuss firm with low barrier to entry. It is the cheapest on the list to get started with and the rules are fair. The leverage is also quite low and while many see this as a bad thing, it could be a blessing in disguise for those who have issues over-leveraging or have troubles managing emotions. 

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