Prop Firm Review -The 5%ers

Prop Firm Review -The 5%ers
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Best suited for: This prop firm offers a fantastic instant funding model for traders who want to get into the action right away.

Overall Ratings

  • Models on offer: 10/10
  • Cost: 8/10
  • Rule Fairness: 8/10
  • Support: 9/10
  • Profitability: 9/10
  • Scaling System: 9/10
  • Overall: 8.8/10

The 5%ers Prop firm Overview

The 5%ers prop firm have been around since 2016 and have a proven track record of supporting great traders. They have a diverse and interesting range of funding models, which means any trader is bound to find something to suit their needs. My personal favorite is the instant funding model in which your fee essentially just covers your max drawdown and your can profit from day 1! 

Main Pros

  • Great intuitive UI – Both the website and user dashboard are easy to understand and navigate. The dashboard metrics panel is also very user friendly, containing all the important information without the fluff.
  •  Great Support – I personally haven’t came across any issues which required support, however they have a great reputation of providing top tier support as evident from Trustpilot reviews, Social media and YouTube. 
  • Three completely different funding models – Instant funding, Bootcamp and freestyle. All the models have their own pros and cons, but all stand out among the crowd and offer great incentives for the successful trader. 
  • Great scaling plan – No nonsense approach to scaling, simply hit your target and get a bigger account! One of the fastest growth plans around.
  • Quick and easy sign-up – Simply pick your model, pay your fee and get instant access to your dashboard and trading account. 

Main Cons

  • Relatively low max drawdown – The max drawdown for the instant funding program is around 4% which is general lower compared to other firms. Therefor this firm is more suited for the very risk aware trader. 
  • Below average payout ratio – The payout ratio for the instant funding account is 50% which on the surface seems rather low; however when you consider the rapid growth plan the potential profits could be much higher than others. New models also offer up to 100% profit share!

Key Details

The 5%ers certainly stand out in the prop firm crowd with their great choice of funding models.

Bootcamp Model

For beginners or those wanting to hone their trading skills they offer the bootcamp model. This is a more unusual 3-phase model however, the majority of the fee isn’t payable until the end of the third phase. After passing the challenge phases you will receive a live $100k account which scales up to $4m. 

Instant Funding Model

Why spend time on challenges when you can just go straight to live funding? The 5%ers live funding account is certainly one of the fastest ways for profitable traders to get funds out of a prop firm. This prop firm offers two variants of the model; Aggressive and low risk, which affects the trading rules such as profit targets and leverage. After hitting 6%/12% profit the account size quadruples!

Free Style Model

This new model offered by the 5%ers has been getting amazing reviews in the community. Another groundbreaking model offered by this prop firm. The trader has no time limits, profit targets, loss targets or many of the rules that nearly every other model/firm require. Instead, the trader only has to make 100 trades which will be assessed and must pass a single metric/target of >2 profit factor (Extra bonuses for >3). On top of this when trading the live account, the trader keeps 100% of the profits!


The trading rules vary depending on which model you choose. They are outlined below:

All models
  • News trading: Allowed
  • EA/Algo trading: Allowed
  • Weekend/overnight trading: Allowed
Bootcamp model

The bootcamp model offer by this prop firm has 3 challenges, with a 6% profit target in each. They do however allow a very generous 12 months to complete these, so time shouldn’t be an issue with this challenge.

5ers prop firm bootcamp rules

Instant funding model

The instant funding model has two variants – “aggressive” and “low risk”. 

The low risk has a lowered level of leverage at just 6:1 but has an extended period to complete the challenge. 

The 5ers prop firm rules

Freestyle model

No Rules!! 

5ers prop firm freestyle rules

This prop firm allows Expert advisors and copy trading.

For instant funding accounts the profit split is 50/50.

For bootcamp the profit split starts at 50/50 and increases with scaling up to 80/20.

For the freestyle option the trader keeps 100% the profits. (Incase your wondering, the prop firm profits by copying your trades with their own capital).

This Prop trading firm offers email and phone support. They appear to have a good reputation in the community for the support.

The cost for the various models offered is around the industry average. Their bootcamp model is the exception where they don’t charge the fee until after you pass the challenge which doesn’t appear to be offers by any other prop trading firms.


$6000/$24000 Instant funding account – 235 Euros

$10000/$40000 Instant funding account – 385 Euros

$20000/$80000 Instant funding account – 745 Euros


Bootcamp model is a flat 85 Euros before the challenge and a further 215 Euro after completing the challenge phase.


The freestyle model cost 285/550 Euros

Instant funding model: 1:6 (Low Risk) or 1:30 (Aggressive)

Bootcamp Model: 1:10 

Freestyle model: 1:30



The 5%ers is a prop trading firm for every trader. For beginners the bootcamp model offers a low cost entry point into trading with prop firms with lower initial risk to the trader. The instant funding model is amazing for those who aren’t a fan of challenges.  And the freestyle model is certainly a new and exciting prospect for any trader. 

The rules are relaxed and support is top notch. Overall the 5%ers deserve their spot in the top 5 prop trading firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 5ers Legit?

Yes! The 5%ers are a well established prop firm who have been around for over 5 years. They have a 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot and are generally well regarded in the industry. 

What Broker do the 5ers use?

The 5ers do not use a standard retail broker, instead they have a behind the scenes liquidity pool. Not much information is shared about this (Intentionally) however the conditions appear to be fair.

Should I choose 5ers or FTMO?

There are many differances between 5ers and FTMO. The most ovious is the differant funding models available. The 5ers have more options, but FTMO have narrowed in to the standard 2 phase model. The 5ers have slightly less rules regarding trading than FTMO which may suit certain traders better.

Overall, it comes down to the individual’s trading style and preference – Check out both reviews on this site!

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