Prop Firm Review – FTUK

Prop Firm Review – FTUK

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Best suited for: This is a great option for UK traders. They offer great prices with a fast-scaling plan. The time limits are also very fair, which would suit traders who don’t like to be rushed.

Overall Ratings

  • Models on offer: 9/10
  • Cost: 9/10
  • Rule Fairness: 8/10
  • Support: 8/10
  • Profitability: 9/10
  • Scaling System: 9/10
  • Overall: 8.3/10


FTUK is an established prop firm based in London that specializes in offering funding to traders. The firm offers up to £4.4 million in funding to traders, making it one of the leading players in the market. With their commitment to providing traders with ample resources to trade successfully, FTUK has quickly gained a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy partner for traders.

One of the standout features of FTUK is its extremely fast scaling system. This means that traders can expect to see rapid growth in their accounts as they continue to trade successfully. This feature is especially beneficial for traders who are just starting out or who are looking to take their trading to the next level.

In addition to their fast scaling system, FTUK offers a single-phase evaluation or instant funding accounts. Traders who choose to undergo the evaluation process can expect to receive feedback and guidance from the firm’s experienced trading professionals, helping them to improve their trading skills and increase their chances of success. On the other hand, instant funding accounts offer traders immediate access to funding, allowing them to start trading right away.

Another noteworthy aspect of FTUK is the regular promotions they offer. Traders can always expect to find a great deal available, making it easier for them to maximize their profits and achieve their trading goals. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, FTUK’s promotions can help you get the most out of your trading experience.

Prop Firm - Pros

  • Multiple Currencies – This prop firm offers multiple currencies for your base currency. This is great for traders to be able to trade the currency of their own country. 
  • Super Fast Scaling – FTUK will double your account size at every 10% profit, this is among the best in the industry. 
  • UK Based – This prop firm in based in the UK which holds companies to stricter regulations than most other countries. 
  • Huge Max Funding – FTUK offer up to £4.4 million in funding, reachable in just 8 steps!
  • Regular Promotions – It appears that this prop firm has at least one promotion on every month, such as 1 free retake or xx% off. 
  • Long Time Limits – In the low-risk plan you are given a massive 180 days in which to complete the single-phase challenge. This should be achievable for most traders. 

Prop Firm - Cons

  • 5% Absolute Drawdown – This drawdown means traders must be extra cautious and implement a solid risk management plan.
  • Possible Account Termination If Inconsistent – FTUK has a clause which states if a trader does not demonstrate good risk management, they may be removed from the firm. This shouldn’t affect responsible traders, however. 

Key Details

What Funding Models do FTUK offer?

FTUK offers two different funding models, namely Instant Funding and Single-Phase Evaluation, with varying levels of risk and profit target rules. Here’s a breakdown of each funding model:

Instant Funding:

  • Allows traders to earn from the first phase of the challenge
  • Profits become withdrawable after reaching the initial profit target
  • Provides a quick and easy route to accessing funding for traders
  • Enables traders to begin trading almost immediately

Single-Phase Evaluation:

  • Offers a more structured approach to accessing funding
  • Involves a challenge with either low-risk or aggressive parameters
  • Aggressive challenge has a 25% profit target and a 90-day time limit with up to 100:1 leverage
  • Low-risk challenge has a 10% profit target and a 180-day time limit with up to 50:1 leverage
  • Low-risk challenge requires traders to place a stop loss with every trade, with a maximum risk of 1.5%

To better understand the differences between the two funding models, here’s a table outlining their key features:

Funding ModelProfit TargetTime LimitMaximum LeverageRisk Management
Instant FundingInitial profit targetN/AN/AN/A
Single-Phase Evaluation – Aggressive25%90 daysUp to 100:1No stop loss required
Single-Phase Evaluation – Low-Risk10%180 daysUp to 50:1Stop loss required with a maximum risk of 1.5%

In conclusion, FTUK provides traders with flexible and customizable funding options that cater to different risk appetites and trading styles. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trader, FTUK’s funding models can help you achieve your trading goals.

FTUK Rules and Restrictions

FTUK is a prop firm that offers a range of funding models for traders with an emphasis on good risk management. The company welcomes all trading styles and provides a set of rules to help traders minimize their risks. Here are some of the rules and guidelines provided by FTUK:

Holding Trades:

  • Traders are allowed to hold trades overnight and over the weekend.
  • This allows traders to take a more long-term approach to trading and not feel pressured to close out positions prematurely.

Stop Loss:

  • A stop loss is required on all low-risk programs, which have a maximum risk of 1.5% of the total capital on the account.
  • No stop loss is required on the aggressive accounts, which offer a higher profit target and shorter time limit.
  • Stop loss helps traders to limit their potential losses and protect their capital, which is crucial for successful trading.

News Trading:

  • FTUK allows news trading, which involves taking advantage of market volatility following major news events.
  • News trading can be risky, but with proper risk management, it can provide significant opportunities for profit.

Expert Advisers (EA’s):

  • Expert advisers are allowed providing they don’t use martingale, hedging or other arbitrage tactics.
  • EA’s can help automate trading processes, save time, and reduce the chances of human error.

Minimum Trading Days:

  • There are no minimum trading days for this prop firm.
  • Traders have the flexibility to trade as much or as little as they want, which can be beneficial for those with busy schedules or other commitments.

In summary, FTUK provides traders with a flexible and inclusive trading environment that allows for various trading styles. By emphasizing good risk management and providing clear rules and guidelines, FTUK helps traders minimize their risks and maximize their potential profits.

FTUK Profit Sharing and Scaling

FTUK offers traders a fast and efficient scaling plan. This scaling plan is designed to help traders grow their capital while minimizing their risk. Here are some of the key features of this scaling plan:

  • Doubling Capital: With FTUK’s scaling plan, traders can double their capital at every 10% profit. This means that as they make profits, their capital will grow exponentially, allowing them to take on larger trades and potentially earn even higher profits.

  • Increasing Profit Share: As traders progress through the scaling plan, their share of the profits also increases. Initially, traders start with a 50/50 profit split with the firm. However, as they move up through the stages, their profit split can increase up to 80/20. This means that traders can earn a larger share of the profits as they become more successful.

  • Extra Payment: In order to cross from step 7 to step 8, an extra payment is required when signing up for the challenge. This payment is necessary to continue to the next stage of the scaling plan and to take advantage of the higher profit split that comes with it.

Overall, FTUK’s scaling plan is designed to help traders grow their capital quickly and efficiently while minimizing their risk. By offering a clear path for traders to progress through the stages and earn a larger share of the profits, FTUK provides a powerful incentive for traders to succeed.

Cost Analysis

Prices start from £119 for a £10,000 evaluation account. For the £10,000 instant funding account the price is £150. 

The prices are in line with other prop firms, especially considering it is a single-phase challenge which more traders should be able to pass. Don’t forget to keep an eye on promotions and discount codes as well. 

FTUK Pricing

Balance Instant Funding Evaluation
£10,000 £150 £119
£30,000 £299 £410
£40,000 £349 £550
£70,000 £449 £950

FTUK also offer a number of addons in order to improve your experience. These include:

  • Level 8 funding. This adds another level to scale up to £4.4m. (+10% fee)
  • Double max trading days. This doubles the max time limit for the challenge. (+15% fee)
  • Joining fee refund. This allows you to claim back the joining fee after reaching the first profit target. (+25% fee)
  • Evaluation retake. This provides one free retake if you should fail the challenge. (+50% fee)


In conclusion, after careful consideration and analysis, it is clear that this prop trading firm offers tremendous earning potential for experienced and risk-aware traders. With some of the highest capital allocation in the industry and fair rules, this firm presents an excellent opportunity for skilled traders to earn significant profits.

However, for newer or less experienced traders, or those who engage in risky and speculative trading practices, caution is advised. This is due to the drawdown and consistency rules that the firm has in place, which may not align with the trading strategies of such traders. As such, it is essential for traders to understand the risks involved and carefully evaluate their own trading strategies before considering this firm as a potential option.

Furthermore, while the firm offers great earning potential, it is important to note that trading is not a guaranteed path to success. Traders should always approach the market with a disciplined and prudent mindset, utilizing sound risk management strategies and never risking more than they can afford to lose. With the right approach and a commitment to responsible trading practices, however, this prop firm can be an excellent opportunity for experienced and disciplined traders seeking to maximize their earning potential in the markets.

FTUK Prop Trading FAQ

1. What is FTUK prop trading?

FTUK prop trading is a proprietary trading firm that offers capital, training, and support to experienced traders who pass its evaluation process. The firm provides traders with the opportunity to trade a variety of financial instruments across global markets.

2. How does FTUK prop trading work?

FTUK prop trading works by providing traders with access to its capital and proprietary trading platform in exchange for a share of the profits. Traders are evaluated based on their trading performance, risk management, and consistency, and those who meet the firm's requirements are funded with trading capital.

3. What markets does FTUK prop trading offer?

FTUK prop trading offers traders the opportunity to trade a variety of financial instruments, including stocks, futures, and forex, across global markets. The specific markets available to traders may vary depending on market conditions and the firm's trading strategies.

4. How much capital can I expect to receive from FTUK?

The amount of capital that traders can expect to receive from FTUK varies depending on their trading experience, performance, and risk management. The firm offers some of the highest capital allocations in the industry, with funding ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

5. What fees and costs are associated with FTUK prop trading?

FTUK prop trading charges a one-time evaluation fee that covers the cost of the trader evaluation process. There are no other ongoing fees or costs associated with trading with the firm. However, traders are responsible for any trading-related expenses, such as platform fees or market data subscriptions.

6. What are the eligibility requirements to become a trader with FTUK?

To become a trader with FTUK, you must be at least 18 years old, have a valid ID, and have prior trading experience. The firm's evaluation process includes assessments of your trading performance, risk management, and consistency. FTUK also has specific drawdown and consistency rules that traders must follow to maintain their funded account.

7. What trading platforms does FTUK use?

FTUK provides traders with its proprietary trading platform, which is specifically designed for the firm's trading strategies and risk management policies. The platform includes real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and order execution capabilities, among other features. Traders can access the platform from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

8. Can I trade from anywhere in the world with FTUK?

Yes, traders can trade from anywhere in the world with FTUK as long as they have an internet connection and a compatible trading device. The firm's proprietary trading platform is web-based and can be accessed from most devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. However, traders should be aware of any local regulations or restrictions that may apply to their trading activities.

9. What kind of training and support does FTUK offer to its traders?

FTUK offers comprehensive training and support to its traders, including access to educational resources, live webinars, and one-on-one coaching. The firm's experienced mentors work with traders to help them improve their trading skills, develop effective risk management strategies, and understand the firm's proprietary trading platform. Traders also have access to a dedicated support team that can assist with any trading-related questions or issues.

11. What fees does FTUK charge its traders?

FTUK charges its traders a one-time evaluation fee for its evaluation process, which includes an assessment of the trader's trading performance, risk management, and consistency. The firm does not charge any other fees or commissions on profits earned by traders. However, traders may be responsible for any transaction fees or charges incurred while trading on the firm's platform.

12. What is the withdrawal process for profits earned by FTUK traders?

FTUK allows traders to withdraw their profits on a monthly basis. The firm charges a small fee for withdrawals, which is deducted from the trader's account balance. Traders must also meet specific profit targets and consistency rules before they can withdraw their profits. The withdrawal process typically takes 1-2 business days to complete, and traders can choose from a variety of withdrawal methods, including bank transfers and e-wallets.

13. What is the maximum capital allocation offered by FTUK?

FTUK offers some of the highest capital allocation in the industry, with the maximum allocation amount being £10 million. However, the amount of capital allocated to individual traders will depend on their trading performance and risk management, as well as their adherence to the firm's drawdown and consistency rules. Traders can start with a lower allocation and work their way up to higher levels as they demonstrate consistent profitability and risk management skills.

14. Can traders at FTUK trade multiple asset classes?

Yes, traders at FTUK can trade multiple asset classes, including stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The firm's proprietary trading platform provides real-time market data and advanced charting tools for each of these asset classes, allowing traders to identify and capitalize on trading opportunities across a variety of markets.

Does FTUK allow copy trading or EAs?

Yes, FTUK allows EAs as long as they don’t perform in the following ways: 

Tick scalping
Reverse arbitrage trading
Latency arbitrage trading
Hedge arbitrage trading

Does FTUK offer a demo or practice account?

Demo/practice accounts are available directly from the broker which FTUK chose, Eightcap.

What Broker does FTUK use?

FTUK uses Eightcap as their broker which is a popular choice for prop firms and has a great reputation with regards to liquidity, spreads and upkeep. 

What Platform do FTUK offer?

FTUK uses MT4 (Metatrader 4) for all their accounts. 

Is FTUK legit?

Yes! This prop firm has an established client base, a UK registered company, company address and a 4.7 star Trustpilot rating. You can be confidant that your investment is safe with this prop firm.

Does FTUK have a promo code or any discounts?

Yes, we have been given the following code for traders to receive 5% off: Proptradingonline

Where is FTUK based?

FTUK is based in London, UK. The registered address is:

Kemp house, 160 City Road,
London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX.

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If you do soft breach aka don’t do a stop loss or will not properly set 1.5% stop loss they will not allow you to go to level 2. Don’t think Soft Breach does not have any consequence. So if you don’t know stop loss or don’t know how to exactly set 1.5% stay away from them.

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