Prop Firm Review – Lux Trading

Prop Firm Review – Lux Trading
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Best suited for: This firm has a great mentorship/educational aspect to it. Therefore it will suit a newer trader who is looking to grow and progress into a successful trader.

Overall Ratings

  • Models on offer: 7/10
  • Cost: 7/10
  • Rule Fairness: 9/10
  • Support: 9/10
  • Profitability: 8/10
  • Scaling System: 9/10
  • Overall: 8.5/10


Lux trading firm is a UK based prop firm with some exciting features. Lux has a much more hands on approach with traders, helping them grow and progress . They offer an amazing elite package which includes a trip to their live trading rooms and gives you a chance to meet the investors who’s capital you will be using. 

Key Details

When signing up to lux trading, you have the option of a $5k, $10k or $15k initial balance. 

Example $5000 account

Phase 1 – $5000 Demo account – Profit target 6%

Phase 2 – $5000 Live account – Profit target 6%

Phase 3 – $50000 Live account – Profit target 10%

You then scale up at every 10% profit.

You also have the option to sign up as an elite trader. This is far more expensive but comes with a range of benefits including:

  • Evaluation account and 3 resets
  • Live trading room
  • One on one coaching sessions
  • Personal risk manager
  • Education videos
  • In person training in Monegro including accommodation
  • Traders Central software

Lux trading expects traders to trade responsibly and with exceptional risk management. Therefore the rules are relatively strict compared to other firms. Some rules include:

  • Max relative drawdown 4%: This is based on the highest account balance and is effected by equity and balance.
  • Stop Loss – Every trade must have a stop loss attached
  • Trading styles -All trading styles are allowed
  • Time limits – No time limits

Expert advisers are only allowed if they are created personally.

75% to the trader.

Lux trading firm has exceptional support, especially after phase 2 where you will be assigned a personal risk manager to help you progress as a trader. They also operate a live trading room which traders can benefit from. 

For standard accounts:

$5000 – £329

$10000 – £439

$15000 – £549

For elite packages:

$5000 – £1999

$10000 – £2499

$15000 – £2999

Evaluation, Advanced, and the Professional 50k, 100k, or 150k Accounts have a leverage of 1:10 on Forex and Metals, 1:5 on Indices, Commodities, and Bonds, and 1:1 on Shares.


Lux trading firm is definitely not the cheapest, but if your serious about trading they are certainly a great choice. If you’re looking to get into the industry and have the money to spare, the elite package is unparalleled in the industry.

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