Prop Trading Review – SurgeTrader

Prop Trading Review – SurgeTrader

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Best suited for: This prop firm offers huge accounts from the get go, all the way up to $1 Million. They only require a single phase challenge with no minimum days. This firm would suit an experienced trader who wants large capital fast.

Overall Ratings

  • Models on offer: 7/10
  • Cost: 8/10
  • Rule Fairness: 8/10
  • Support: 9/10
  • Profitability: 10/10
  • Scaling System: 8/10
  • Overall: 8.5/10

Surgetrader – Pros

  • Massive account sizes – Option to go for a $1 million account right off the bat.
  • Doesn’t restrict trading styles – Surgetrader allows pretty much any trading styles including copy trading, EA’s and Algos
  • USA Based – Based out of Florida, this company benefits from access to great funding and tighter security measures.
  • Single Phase Challenge – Just one phase to pass with a 10% Profit target.

Surgetrader – Cons

  • Tight Drawdowns – 5% overall drawdown which trails, as well as 4% daily drawdown. Traders must use strict risk managment to ensure these arent breached.
  • Not the cheapest – There are other cheaper options out the, most however are 2 phase models which must be taken into account

Key Details

Surgetrader prop firm offers a single phase “audition” in which the trader must reach 10% profit target while staying within the rules. Once the 10% profit target has been reached, the trader will receive live funds.

Max drawdown is 5%.

Max Daily drawdown is 4%.

A stop loss must be placed on all orders.

Trades must be closed by close on Fridays.

Maximum lot size rules.


Expert advisors, copy trading and algo trading is all allowed with this prop firm.

75% to the trader, 25 % to the prop firm

Surgetrader has excellent support, they offer live chat, email and phone.

Prices range from:

$250 for a $25k account 

$400 for a $50k account

$700 for a $100k account

$1800 for a $250k account

$3500 for a $500k account

$6500 for a massive $1 million account

Forex, Metals, Oils and Indices receive up to 10:1 leverage. Individual stocks receive 5:1 leverage. Cryptocurrencies receive 2:1 leverage.


Surgetrader is one of the few prop firms offering a massive $1 million live funded account. The drawdown rules are relatively strict however. If you are already a consistent trader looking for massive capital, this is the firm for you. For beginners there are better options out there.

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