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Prop Trading Review – SurgeTrader

This prop firm offers huge accounts from the get go, all the way up to $1 Million. They only require a single phase challenge with no minimum days. This firm would suit an experienced trader who wants large capital fast.

FTMO prop firm

FTMO are often regarded as the best in the industry; They designed the standard 2 phase challenge model. This prop firm would suit those who want a tried and tested company with a great reputation.

Prop Firm Review – The Funded Trader

Coupon Code Inside! The Funded Trader is a rapidly growing, socially centered prop firm offering up to $300k of initial capital. They run regular competitions and have a thriving discord community.

Prop Firm Review – Top Tier Trader

Top Tier Trader prop firm offers the standard 2 phase challenge model, with nice UI, fair rules and a refundable fee, be sure to check out this prop firm if you prefer the "FTMO" like challenge.

Prop Firm Review – BluFX

BluFX offers a subscription based model starting from £99 ($120) per month. They are also currently offering an instant funding account which offers traders instant access to $20,000 of capital.

Prop Firm Review – Traders with Edge

Traders with Edge is a new and exciting prop firm with an inbuilt community, fast scaling and low cost entry challenges. Be sure to check out the "Turtle" challenge with 365 days to complete the challenge.